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Introducing me

When you write openly and honestly, you let someone look beneath your skin, piercing your flesh and sinew, to see straight into your soul. In writing this blog I’m going to let you peek at mine, as I reflect on my experiences of postpartum psychosis, postpartum depression and my ongoing journey to recovery. I’ll also explore the latest science in the area, discuss developments like new MBUs and hopefully give an all round look at this too often neglected field. I do this to raise our collective awareness of maternal mental illness and to help other mums and their friends and family understand the illnesses. I also plan to write because I find writing is therapeutic. By sharing my story openly, I carry a little less of the quiet burden of shame and guilt that, for me, accompanies these illnesses. Hopefully along the way I’ll give stigma a bit of the kicking it deserves!

For a detailed introduction to my experiences I’ve included below the first piece I wrote on the subject, for Mosaic, a source of wonderful long-form reads on the science of life: